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The world-class attractions of the Gorilla Highlands region are surprisingly easy to reach.

There are three international airports in the region: Kigali in Rwanda, Entebbe in Uganda and Goma in Congo. Internally, we need to note 3 airports and airstrips that a traveller might pay attention to: Kisoro in Uganda (that eases access to mountain gorillas and volcanoes), Kihiihi in Uganda (that brings you close to gorillas and tree climbing lions), and Kamembe in Rwanda (that delivers you very close to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park — or to the doorsteps of Congo’s Grauer’s gorillas).

No, you didn’t mishear! An internal airport in Rwanda may well be the best connection to Congo … That is how integrated our region is, with cities spanning both sides of national boundaries and people living in Rwanda and commuting to Congo for work.


Kamembe is officially “Kamembe International Airport” but that applies only for chartered flights. The more common way to Kamembe is the daily flight from Kigali.

Additionally, speedboats with airline-like client services and bigger party boats connect Goma and Bukavu daily. These are the two Congolese urban centres that border Rwanda.

Now a little disclaimer is called for: border crossings can certainly be affected by pandemics, conflicts or other temporary issues — in notes added at the bottom of this text and through other updates by Gorilla Highlands Experts we will keep you updated on what is currently possible. You are in very safe hands.


To limit its exposure to Covid-19, Rwanda has closed its land borders. Please see our Covid Update page for the details.


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