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Cajun Tilapia

Ramadhan 13 July 2021
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1 tilapia fish
1 carrots
1 onion
20 g horseradish puree
50 g wild shiitake mushrooms
1 lemon
1 bnch fresh coriander
1 bnch thyme
2 garlic cloves
50 ml olive oil


1. Debone the fish.
2. Flavour the fish with cajun spices or creole seasoning of paprika, cayenne garlic powder, pepper and thyme.
3. Add olive oil and salt.
4. Roast the fish, adding garlic cloves and thyme.
5. Flip the fish enough to properly grill both sides, adding vegetables.
6. Serve with horseradish puree, avocado puree, shiitake mushrooms and fresh coriander.


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