GHE Community Rules

Hi there!

Thanks so much for being part of this wonderful global community! ❤

To keep it enjoyable for everyone, please follow these simple rules:

  • Be friendly. We are here to be informed, entertained and de-stressed — and that works better with an injection of warmth.
  • Be polite and civil. We encourage open and candid discussion and debates without disrespectful or insulting comments.
  • Stay on topic. Comments, questions and contributions should be relevant to the topic being discussed.
  • Don’t post or upload any untruthful, inappropriate or illegal content.
  • Don’t post or upload promotional content, advertisements or financial assistance pleas.
  • Don’t spam — no one likes seeing the same content posted to more than one group or discussions.
  • Don’t post or upload content from this platform elsewhere without permission from the author.
  • Respect copyrights and trademarks. Name the photographer or the writer if you can.
  • Respect privacy. We have established this community to be more private than a conventional social network.

By disregarding any of these rules you may be warned first by the community or group leader and then blocked from the group. Any complaints about the treatment should be addressed through the Builders group.

We do monitor posts, but we may miss something. Please let us know if you encounter any content that violates any of the above rules, so we can review and take the appropriate action.

The views and opinions expressed by users on the Gorilla Highlands Expert platform do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the organisation. Please keep in mind that any comments or content you share on this site are your sole responsibility.

We are looking forward to see you on the platform!

Happy posting!!!

photo by Marcus Westberg