Gorilla Highlands Silverchef

In the pre-pandemic times, the annual Gorilla Highlands Silverchef cooking competition and networking event took place five times. It brought together the best chefs of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo — but also the travel, media and conservation fraternities of the three countries.

We started in Kisoro (2015) with competitors from southwestern Uganda. In Kabale (2016) we added Rwanda’s districts of Burera and Musanze. At Lake Bunyonyi (2017) everyone from Gisenyi to Queen Elizabeth National Park was invited, and in Kigali (2018) and Musanze (2019) we expanded the scope to all of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo.

GH Silverchef is much more than a culinary contest. The main goal is to bring professionals together to create business linkages and personal networks. For the Gorilla Highlands region it is a chance to showcase the quality and variety of its rich food, unearthing cooking excellence that may surprise its visitors. To chefs, GH Silverchef means an event to challenge them creatively, help them benchmark and learn from each other. Our team gives them unprecedented attention by providing a platform to present their skills and familiarisation trips that take them out of their kitchens.

We are preparing a refreshed GH Silverchef concept with big plans that will take some time, so the next event is planned for November 2024.

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More info: silverchef@gorillahighlands.com • +250 783 118 421

featured photo: Marcus Westberg