Gorilla Highlands Region in 7 Short Videos

Featured: Batwa, Bwindi NP, gorillas, Kahuzi-Biega NP, Kampala, Lake Kivu, Mgahinga NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Virunga NP, Volcanoes NP

Right in the centre of the African continent, Rwanda is in many ways an exemplary country: orderly, clean and rapidly developing. Its northern neighbour Uganda has been dubbed the “Pearl of Africa” for many good reasons. The Democratic Republic of the Congo that borders both countries to the west is a land that simply evokes adventure. Together they make a destination like no other, the real essence of the continent, the Gorilla Highlands.

Featured: Akagera NP, Bwindi NP, gorillas, Kahuzi-Biega NP, Kibale NP, Lake Mburo NP, Mgahinga NP, Nyungwe NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Virunga NP, Volcanoes NP

Travellers from all over the world come to the Gorilla Highlands region for the epiphany of staring into the eyes of our giant relatives. Yet our region offers much more: vibrant cultures bubbling through the surface and a landscape that opens your heart to adventure.

Featured: Akagera NP, Batwa, Bukavu, Bwindi NP, Congo Nile Trail, Gorilla Highlands Trails, Imbabazi, Kisiizi Falls, Mgahinga NP, Mt Nyiragongo, Nyungwe NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Virunga NP, Volcanoes NP

But Gorilla Highlands Experts activities unite people far beyond the volcanoes and rainforests … Our wider area of interest is western Uganda, Rwanda and eastern DR Congo, with a fabulous mix of cultures and cuisines.

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The region is defined by the Virunga volcanoes — some of them still active — and the ancient rainforest of Bwindi that represent the last home of the mountain gorilla. From the countless islands of Lake Bunyonyi to the seaside feel of Lake Kivu, water bodies are sprinkled all over the valleys, interrupted by beautifully terraced hills.

Featured: Bukavu, Goma, Kisoro, Lake Kivu, Nyungwe NP

To reach the Gorilla Highlands, you can fly to Rwanda’s capital Kigali, Uganda’s Entebbe near Kampala or Congo’s Goma. Numerous attractions are lined up on the way but Queen Elizabeth NP with tree-climbing lions and Akagera NP with the Big 5 undoubtedly top the list.

Featured: Akagera NP, Bwindi NP, Kahuzi-Biega NP, Kampala, Kibale NP, Kigali, Mgahinga NP, Musanze, Nyungwe NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Rubavu, Virunga NP, Volcanoes NP

Rwanda, the central country of our region, offers quite a range of highlights and environments: volcanoes (Volcanoes NP), savannah (Akagera NP) and rainforest (Nyungwe NP). Wherever you go in the three countries, there will be no lack of accommodation options for any pocket!

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