Do You Have a Cool Business or Project Idea That Is Environmentally Friendly?

The GHE Youth Spaces program is back! Supported by Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the second cohort will again take place in Musanzebetween April and July 2024.

The program’s mission is to give the youth practical skills that lead to personal development, civic engagement and regional peacebuilding in the transboundary region shared by Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Teams of 2-3 people aged 15-30 years with residence in Musanze are encouraged to apply; they must have a specific and feasible business/project idea for impacting their community in a way that is friendly to the natural environment. All participants need to be able to regularly attend weekend sessions and be willing to openly share their ideas and collaborate with other participants to develop their businesses/projects further.

The program is free of charge.

Time Commitment

Youth Spaces activities will be happening on weekends, but homework will be given in between. Participants will get a weekly brief folder that will demand 2-3 hours of their time and will have to be personally submitted on Fridays.

Duration of Saturday workshops will vary but participants should be prepared to spend the whole day. There may be occasional community engagement or other activities on Sundays.


Based on their performance and submissions, up to 15 participants will be invited to an international camp with friends from the Gorilla Highlands region. Best teams will receive funding for their business/project.

Application deadline: Wednesday, 17 April 2024 — please apply by clicking here.


  1. Protect our Environnment by using sensibilisation of his importance in our life and our soul.You start at home like using garbage can and by organising Some meeting of friend to teach them also taking Some program for planting the trees around a road and a river.
    Because protect our nature is protecting our life.

    1. Yes exactly environment is better than because of it’s improving our sustainablity life of our daily life so without environment no something no living conditions of life of people because environment is the key of life

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  4. In this time Rwanda has problem of glob worming reduce emittions effected atmospheric conditions in the Earth surface planting trees and cleaning every were

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