The Complete Package (Almost There)

Focus is key, they say. We were advised against adding something new to our already exciting travel offerings — but now that food experiences in Kigali, Musanze, Kisoro and at Lake Bunyonyi grace our menu, it simply feels right!

Think about it. We’re the brains behind Gorilla Highlands Silverchef, right? And isn’t one of our directors a distinguished chef? Plus, we’ve always been about great food, knowing that guests will forgive you many transgressions but not bland flavours or sparse servings.

The updated Gorilla Highlands Info Kit states that our “specialty lies at the crossroads of adventure, culture and cuisine” and that is a sweet spot to occupy. If the idea of hiking through central Africa feels a bit intense, our clients can still find a rich combination of cultural vibes and yummy (or crazy) dishes!

And here’s the cherry on top: adding culinary tours means we’re better balancing things between Rwanda and Uganda. Once upon a time we kicked off with canoeing and trekking at Uganda’s Lake Bunyonyi and it has taken a second to build an equivalent fun factor on the Rwandan side of the border.

So, is this it? Are the current 20 package offers our final say? Let’s hope not! DR Congo is glaringly absent (though we do sneak clients into Sud-Kivu for tailor-made trips) … That sadly can’t change until there’s more stability within the eastern confines of that marvellous country.


  1. Very focused on your goals.
    Keep moving forward GHE.
    I’m proud of being a part of this industry.
    Everything is clarified here.
    Great job.

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