Queen Elizabeth Moonshot

Mojca had been looking for the moon in Africa’s pitch-dark skies right from the very moment she landed in Kigali. The stars were plentiful, but oddly never accompanied by the Earth’s more luminous natural satellite. And yesterday she finally spotted it, a full week later — and, very poetically, somewhere above the “Mountains of the Moon”, the massive barrier between Uganda and DR Congo. To her delight and wonder, it was indeed tipped over!

That was her second day in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the one she started in Enjojo Lodge next to the park’s southern sector.

At Ishasha Wilderness Camp she savoured a cup of coffee, then met savannah elephants on the way to Kazinga Channel and forest elephants while on the boat.

Through the Explosion Craters, she finally made it to Lake Katwe to taste its salt, the product long desired throughout the countries of the Gorilla Highlands region.

Tomorrow she will be wakening to a totally different environment, at Sunbird Hill on the edge of Kibale Forest National Park, eager to meet its chimpanzees and other attractions.