Gorilla Highlands Fully Registered & Clarified

This is the news we have been itching to share for more than a year: our non-governmental organisation Gorilla Highlands Experts (GHE) has finally received an operational certificate from the government of Rwanda! It is hard to overstate this milestone in creating thriving communities in the Gorilla Highlands region — our next step will be registering in Uganda.

… Do you still wonder what we are actually about? Please allow us to also present to you our brand-new Gorilla Highlands Info Kit — this will be your fact kit! Beautifully laid out on 16 photography-packed pages, the story of both GHE and Gorilla Highlands Ltd is more clear than ever. Moreover, it’s an impactful promotional document for the transboundary region, its national parks, forest reserves, lakes, trails and much more the world can enjoy!

We are most proud of the page that showcases over 20 experts of ours; what an extraordinary diversity of expertise and knowledge we have on our dial! It’s especially significant to us that we have the current heads of Rwanda’s Volcanoes NP (Prosper Uwingeli) and Uganda’s Mgahinga NP (Moses Turinawe) plus the scientific director of Congo’s Centre for Research in Natural Science (Prince K. Kaleme) on our roster, three important partners in the three countries of the Gorilla Highlands.

Please, do go through the Info Kit and learn more …