From Post-Pandemic Experiments to a Proper Tour Company

Yesterday was a milestone in the development of Gorilla Highlands Ltd. After a successful year of post-pandemic experiments, we set foot on the path towards a fully formed tour company. No more shall we be a one-man-band helped by part timers and freelancers, we will evolve a properly staffed office.

To help us on the way, we have enlisted Guest Focus, a Canadian company that supports small and medium-sized tour businesses. Their “Tour Business Coaching Program” is built around sessions with accountability coaches that take place every two weeks. In our case, we were excited to be assigned to Casey Hanisko, who has been in the travel industry for over 20 years. For example, she presided over the Adventure Travel Trade Association for over five years.

During our first Zoom call with Casey we mostly discussed the advantages and disadvantages of our custom-made approach to itineraries. Present from our side: Miha Logar (managing director) and Jolly Senyange (accountant) while Ramadhan Sindayigaya (director) wasn’t available this time. The recording of the conversation will be shared with a number of other Gorilla Highlands people, while our guides will soon get access to the powerful training library of Guest Focus/Be a Better Guide.