26 Musanze Youngsters, 10 Ideas, 3 Months, 1 Planet Earth

Earth Day 2023 was a perfect occasion for the first session of the GHE Youth Spaces pilot program with 26 selected participants behind 10 business/project ideas:

Banana Soft Drink: Janvier Manirahari, Jean Francois Ishimwe, Shallon Kayitesi
Charcoal Briquettes: Ignace Mugabo, James Muhirwa
Eco-Friendly Piggery: Florence Uwamahoro, Etienne Tuyizere
Green Library: Enock Niyokuri, Paulin Polepole, Clement Iraguha
Honey Production: Barthelemy Ryumugabe, Aphrodice Niyodusenga, Sifa Umutoni Clemense
Human Waste Methane: Providence Icyuzuzo, Joshua Nzamurambaho, Denis Byoseniyo
Quinoa Production: Yvan Rugomboka, Maxime Kabanda
Sanitary Pads: Dorcas Ishimwe, Solange Uwizeyimana, Marie Ange Tuyisabe
Upcycling Plastics: Belyse Tuyishime, Beline Ihirwe Kirezi
Water Purification: Adeline Niyontwaro, Viella Iradukunda, Celine Cyuzuzo

We gathered at Fravan Eco-Resort, a beautiful eco-friendly location surrounded by the sweet sounds of birds chirping away. The circle of youth engaged enthusiastically with first-hand information about the climate crisis and recommendations on how to live more sustainably. The writer of the very first Youth Spaces concept, Stephanie Brancaforte, came from Italy to share her knowledge about the environment and climate solutions.

Youngsters shared their ideas and passions about conservation, social justice, and sustainable living through activities such as group discussions, games, and idea development exercises. It was a great experience that left everyone inspired and ready to impact the world positively.

During the next three months we will be assembling at different locations around Musanze’s Karisimbi area, supported by experts from around the world. The next meeting place will be Isange Paradise Resort and the special guest star Ambrose Kibuuka from Kampala, Uganda.

The majority of the youth that qualified for the program come from Ecole des Science Musanze, a boarding high school. To make it easier for them to attend, we will compress all the activities into Saturday afternoons, with Sunday mornings as a backup.

photo by Miha Logar


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