Where Differences Can Still Be Made

We were visited by Laura and Hannah from Austria last week … as they came to Uganda attempting to better understand their late friend Carla Weinzierl.

“Cala” was our remarkable veteran volunteer and frequent returnee. She took her own life in Vienna in 2020.

Before we get into anything else, there is one important message to any of you who might ever feel like there’s no point in living:

We operate in three deeply engrossing countries. Each of them could become a new gratifying home for you tomorrow, a fresh canvas to paint on. We have provided scores of people with enhanced purpose, life partners or more. Think of us before you think of anything silly (that would make people close to you look for answers for years to come)!

Our Cala unfortunately got emotionally stuck in the NGO world of Austria. She was fighting for a better world, reciprocating for the privilege of being born in the “developed” world. A severe workaholic, she was totally devoted to her mission. But she was sidelined in her efforts, disillusioned, deeply frustrated, and saw no future for herself.

She kinda forgot about us in Africa when she made her ultimate plan … She told her friends in Austria, however, and they tried to stop her. But she was fixated on going out in style. She made a goodbye website for which she purposely posed as a living mural (our image is a collage from there), scheduled after-death Telegram messages, divided her property, even had instructions for the police when they were to arrive … Everything was thought through!

… With the exception of the other life she had (and could have had) in Uganda. She didn’t think that we would still need her here — and yet we seldom fail to find something engaging for any potential helper!

Cala strongly believed the world needed to be changed from where the centres of power were … but who knows where they are going to be next? This planet is undeniably in a state of flux right now, and we see excitement and possibility in that.

We won’t forget Cala. You better not forget about us.

(For a more personal take and to better appreciate what kind of a person Cala was please read this.)