We Will Be Building Trust

Daniel “Emeka” Nwachukwu’s educational background is fascinating: he left urban Nigeria to add a Bachelor’s business degree in rural Rwanda to the computing diploma he had obtained at home. His observations of Rwandan students — the main target group of our Youth Spaces — proved invaluable when Misigaro (in blue) sat down to draft the program.

Envisioned to begin on Earth Day (22 April), the pilot phase will take 30 carefully selected young residents of Musanze through the issues of environment, history and culture to personal discovery. We intend to help participants relax, ease up and get comfortable with sharing what they think and know. We will be building trust.

The second part of the program will help them sharpen their business/project management skills, but based on a foundation that might be new to them: their passions and careful observations of the world around them. If you do something just to “get rich” it won’t be as successful as an enterprise built on what truly drives you. If you focus on what people say instead of what they do, you might never realise their true needs and wants.

The grand finale in mid July will be a networking dinner where our youngsters will present their businesses and projects. The best ones will be invited to the international friendship camp in August, and the best of the best will receive seed capital.

… Or maybe you think that we should do it differently? That there is a better path to personal development, civic engagement and regional peacebuilding in the Gorilla Highlands region? Send us a message and we will share our drafts with you! Maybe you want to be on our global Zoom call this Saturday at 5pm Rwandan time? The more bright minds we have on board, the better!