Made Especially for Nuša & Marko

When we say “tailor-made” tours, we mean it. For Nuša and Marko we created a circular route that joins Rwanda’s Akagera NP (pictured) with Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth NP.

They liked it a lot but wanted it a bit more pocket-friendly. Fancy hotels thus turned into simple guesthouses, and even into camping in the savannah!

Erecting a tent in the middle of nowhere (behind electric fences that echo Jurassic Park) certainly implies many benefits other than savings …

Particularly if you travel with an excellent cook like Marko!

Because Nuša wanted to visit schools (and that’s much less exciting on weekends) we speed-tracked their wildlife viewing and tracking.

They have spent only one night in QENP and will check on mountains gorillas at Buhoma in the morning, before proceeding to Edirisa situated at Bufuka Primary School. Friday will be their day for educational fun.