T-Shirts With a Message About Us

The new Gorilla Highlands guide t-shirts came from Kampala to Kabale on a night bus yesterday, and immediately got onto the bodies of our Lake Bunyonyi team. It was the first day of Mama Bena’s Bonus, one of our top canoeing and hiking activities in Uganda.

#GHTrails on the shirts refers to that aspect of our work — the unique trips that take visitors to some of the most remote areas of Africa. This is responsible tourism that brings income and pride to people who are otherwise left out of the spoils of the travel industry. We actually started with Bunyonyi dugout canoes but these days we regularly utilise more conventional travel means too, across three countries.

#GHEYouthSpaces is the only significant adjustment of the previous design — it emphasises our work with the young people of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo who we expect to join hands and build a peaceful and prosperous transboundary region. You can imagine Youth Spaces as startup accelerators, just with an emphasis on rural areas and projects that have a positive impact on the natural environment.

It is common for a tour company to have a non-profit project that it pumps some money into, for everyone to feel better about themselves. This is kinda different … Our tourism section is meant to be an engine that powers the wildly ambitious work of Gorilla Highlands Experts, an organisation that shall eventually exist in the three countries we love.

In short, everything we do is about economic and social development of the unbelievable region shared by DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda — the Gorilla Highlands.


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