GHE Christmas Camp: Free of Charge & Full of Action!

Hello, ladies/gents, girls/boys!!! After an epic registration process Gorilla Highlands Experts (GHE) is back in the biggest possible way, inviting you to:

What? GHE Christmas Camp
Where? Cyuza Island, Lake Burera, Rwanda
When? 21-23 December 2022
For Whom? 15-30 Year-Olds
Cost? zero, zilch or nothing

Oh yes, all you will have to do is get yourself to Musanze Town on 21/12 and from there it’s all-inclusive and free. (OK, pack some pocket money for drinks maybe?)

If you are, of course, selected …

The selection process starts within you! Ask yourself candidly: Do I care about the region shared by Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo and want the three countries to succeed together? Do I posses excessive entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and love for nature? Do I feel I have true leadership potential?

If all the three answers are a proud YES, then do shoot us an email ( to get the details on how to apply.

But just in case you first want to know what GHE is about, anticipate a celebration of friendship, culture and diversity, wrapped into leadership training! Our sessions will be about:
• digital literacy & empowerment
• creativity & home-grown solutions
• entrepreneurship & self-reliance
• leadership & social responsibility
• nature & conservation
• personal growth & cultural self-respect

For example, during the first evening we will have a dialogue about our shared history, about what unites us, what divides us and how to heal any divisions. After the campfire we will retreat to the tents, and it will feel like a sleepover with good friends. But imagine waking up to a morning alarm arousing the whole island and a voice shouting “Allll up!” Does that sound like fun? You are getting up for a class on how to best use the computer technology we have in our pockets and backpacks. … And so it shall go on, developing essential life skills while also having the Christmas of a lifetime!

We guarantee you, the Camp will be the highlight of your Christmas season, the greatest gift you give yourself, and one that will keep giving for years to come …

Best of all, you will become a pioneer of Youth Spaces that we are launching in 2023!

illustration by Maani Logar


  1. This is good idea and thanks for bringing this. You said to carry pocket money for drinks, will food be there or we need to Bring snacks for all days?

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