SABA Episode #12 — Gorilla Tracking in a Local Helicopter & Other Questions

It wasn’t our original plan to have the 12th episode of SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA limited to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. But then we ran into obstacles getting gorilla tracking clients and park officials from Rwanda and Congo to join Tuesday’s Zoom call, and adjusted a bit …

To listen to the 26 information-packed minutes of the final show, click on the big play button above or look for it in your preferred podcasting app. It talks about mountain gorilla experiences at one grand little place in the very corner of Uganda, however, the vast majority of what is shared is very much applicable to all the five gorilla national parks.

We were fortunate to have David Azumbrado on our dial, one of our December visitors, who was more than happy to share his Ugandan helicopter adventure with us. ”Anything to promote the great people of Mgahinga!” he said. The images in this article and the episode art all come from his camera.

On the side of Gorilla Highlands Experts, the main role in the podcast was played by Moses Turinawe of course. Not only is he the tourism warden of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, he was the recipient of the latest iPhone 13 Pro that is helping us kickoff ACTION:GORILLAS. If you don’t feel like clicking, this is the summary: supported by Gorilla Inu, we want to chronicle the lives of gorillas in all the three countries. But it all begins with a pilot project and Moses as our test trainee videographer and photographer.

We also had our favourite ranger guide Yonah Okoth present, sharing moments from his decade (and more) of work in Mgahinga. The third park professional we were happy to host was Boaz Muhumuza, who has been with Uganda Wildlife Authority since 2013. He started in law enforcement but was soon promoted to a ranger guide, and has so far clocked eight years in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and one year in Mgahinga.

The SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA hosts Kahiri and Miha were additionally assisted by Chef Rama, who provided some regional balance straight from Kigali, Rwanda. Do too many cooks spoil the broth? Not with us, and this episode is just one more example of what our big team is capable of!


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