Wildlife, People, Prosperity (You Too Can Be a Godzilla Gorilla!)

The video below distils what Gorilla Highlands Experts is in about 50 seconds. Further down we lay our thinking out in 4 paragraphs.


The prosperity of the Gorilla Highlands region at the crossroads of Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo depends on its breathtaking nature. Instead of destroying it through outdated industrialisation, our vision has been to grow sustainable tourism as its export industry. This means jobs in remote areas, but also demand for agricultural produce, crafts and services — a positive impact across many sectors.

The responsible tourism we have been building since 2011 respects the cultures and the environment, the people and the wildlife. Long-term conservation of our endangered gorillas can only take place if the populations surrounding protected areas lead a good life. There is no fence that can stop a hungry man.

We have spent a decade promoting the region and developing innovative tours, activities, overnight stays, events and more. We did that without any significant outside funding, relying on our own tourism income instead. But Covid-19 travel restrictions have taken that away.

Please partner with us to protect this magnificent region. Together, we will ensure that generations to come can also delight and marvel in its beauty and cultural variety. Your financial support will help our team and our vulnerable partners survive until we can stand on our own feet again. As a Gorilla Highlands Experts member you will be informed, entertained and de-stressed through our stories, and then happily follow as we extend to more communities. Our tourism is the tourism of the future.


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