New GH Mega Trek Month: May 2022

Well, few will be surprised by this announcement: GH Mega Trek will happen in May 2022 instead.

We were aware of what the pandemic could do to our plans, that is why we pushed the original dates to the very end of our anniversary year of 2021. It still wasn’t enough.

While we are dealing with Covid quite well in the Gorilla Highlands region, Europe is facing it rough, as was anticipated for the winter months. Other parts of the world also live in a state of uncertainty, so it proved difficult for our dozen interested trekkers to commit. Accommodation providers, on the other hand, needed some deposits to prove that we were coming … An impossible situation that we are solving by postponing the trip.

These additional months should simplify the border crossing from Uganda to Rwanda, so the enticing Ugandan modules are officially back on our program.

Stay tuned!