SABA Episode #2 & The Fun of Tuning In Live

Ladies and gentlemen, you can find the second edition of SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA above (and in the podcasting app of your choice), the episode that answers the following questions:

  • How safe it is to use public transportation in Uganda and Rwanda being a white woman travelling solo?
  • Is it possible to get by public transport from Uganda’s Entebbe airport to let’s say Kisoro?
  • What is good to organise beforehand in my home country and what is better to do it directly in your region? I know about gorillas permit, visas and vaccines.
  • Should I be extra careful with anything while in the Gorilla Highlands region?

Do you have any questions of your own? Do you want to SEE who the voices behind the podcast are? Do you feel like hanging out with a cool group of knowledgeable locals and travellers from around the world?

Our GHE Live sessions happen every Tuesday at 6pm Rwandan time (that is 9am in San Francisco, 12pm in New York, 4pm in London, 5pm in Vienna, 6pm in Bukavu and Windhoek and 7pm in Kampala) and are open to any member of our global community.

Most importantly, we don’t come together to record a podcast specifically. We come together to catch up, and make ourselves available for an hour.

Some participants’ minds were blown this week when Kahiri showed up with a guitar and began playing; they did not expect a meeting to include such stuff. Of course, because our live sessions are more gatherings than meetings, it was fun for all!

But we did come together to chat about the first episode of the podcast and where we wanted it to go from here. This is what we agreed to do:

  • give audio quality much more attention
  • focus on timeless topics but also allow in-the-moment questions in the first part of the podcast
  • hold off on serious promotion of the podcast until we have more episodes ready

You SEE? You will not be interrupting a podcasting session if you chip in, you will simply be part of the fun raw material that becomes SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA some days later!

By the way, we did not list all those times above for nothing! Not one but two of our people showed up an hour later, ha ha. Kamanzi is a Tanzanian who used to live in Uganda but now works in Namibia, so you can easily understand his confusion with time. Katharina’s case is more fascinating: she left Mexico knowing that once she reached Vienna she would be in the same time zone as Rwanda but while she was in the air, Europe messed up its clocks! Her travel-tested smile did eventually join our crew.

… But back to the second episode, the show notes are below:


Gorilla Highlands region

Patron saint Festo Karwemera

Oruhindu, the Voice of Santa Barbara

• Moderators 

Miha Logar

Joe Kahiri

• Expert Panel

Charlotte Beauvoisin

Katharina Lahner

Moses Turinawe

Ramadhan Sindayigaya

• Mailbag Questions

Charlotte’s article on  a Kampala-Kigali bus  from her Diary of a Muzungu
Covid curfews in Uganda and Rwanda

What to Pack

Gut Feeling — Your Biggest Travel Safety Enemy?

Staying Healthy in Uganda and Rwanda — 2 Doctors’ 7 Pieces of Advice

Miha’s boda boda horror story

Safe Boda app


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