We Are in Columbus Travel, Again

In the latest edition of Columbus Travel, a Dutch travel magazine, we get a beautiful photo spread promoting our way of doing ecotourism. The story is focused on Rwanda, while four years ago we were featured in the same magazine with Ugandan locations and activities.

The text goes like this, according to Google Translate:

Gorillas and banana beer, Rwanda

The Virungas, two active and six dormant volcanoes, dominate the green border area between Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Many tourists rush to the Rwandan Volcanoes National Park to scour the cultivated volcano slopes and rainforests for mountain gorillas, then fly on to the next wildlife destination. Not so fast, according to the Gorilla Highlands Project. By traveling overland and staying longer in the area, staying with farmers and having a banana beer with miners, you not only increase the chance of meaningful encounters with the locals, but also the chance to see the great great apes. The Gorilla Highlands Mega Trek takes it one step further. During this once in a lifetime adventure, which can be put together according to your own wishes, you will experience the area in a unique way. Decide for yourself which route you will participate in, and whether you travel on foot, by bike or by car.

The long-term effect of such articles is fascinating: this year’s Dutch Ultimate Hikers originally approached us because of what they had read in Columbus Travel!

But let us be clear about something … The media like us especially because of the superb photographer we have in Marcus Westberg!

If you are in the Netherlands, the magazine hits the newsstands tomorrow.