Listen to Episode #1 of SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA

And here we go: the first episode of the SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA podcast!

What was originally meant to be a quickly put together recording of a Zoom call is now much more. We kept adding and improving until Joe Kahiri decided to create a theme song — and it became clear that this was going to be a slightly more elaborate audio experience!

Well, unfortunately we can’t change the fact that our Zoom files aren’t technically that great … We will certainly try better in the future! We are recording new content every Tuesday at 6pm Rwandan time but we already have plentiful material for the next few editions.

While we can’t be sure about eventual audio quality, you can be sure about this: every week there will be a new 20-30 minute episode answering a variety of questions in a thoughtful and playful way by a global expert team. Each of the episodes will begin with the Voice of Santa Barbara, Jon Lee, introducing you to another level of the Gorilla Highlands region. In the show notes you are going to be able to read explanations of any unusual things you hear, and there will be links for more. And at the end there will always be Kahiri’s catchy tune, something totally worth waiting for.

Last but not least, don’t forget about Tuesday live sessions where the magic happens and where our members can always chip in! That is a membership privilege while the podcasts are public and anyone can submit any question. Welcome!


Gorilla Highlands region

Patron saint Festo Karwemera

Oruhindu, the Voice of Santa Barbara

• Moderators

Miha Logar

Joe Kahiri

• Expert Panel

Charlotte Beauvoisin

Katharina Lahner

Moses Turinawe

Ramadhan Sindayigaya

• Live Q&A

Gorilla Highlands Mega Trek

• Mailbag Questions

Food listed by Kahiri: matooke, luwombo, eshabwe, boo

Chef Rama’s article on quick and healthy snacks

Rolex recipe

Charlotte’s article on Musanze bus park food from her Diary of a Muzungu

Moses’s artice on national park dangers

Regions listed by Kahiri: Kigezi (old name for southwestern Uganda), Buganda (central Uganda), Ankole (western Uganda)


  1. This is a very well produced podcast.
    I love how it discusses things that are familiar to my environment and yet I get to see them through the eyes of people who are not from here.

    It’s also great to ignore country borders that never highlight the similarity of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda for once in a valid way

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