Do Not Hesitate to Ask (See You Next Week)

Yesterday’s road snacks by Chef Rama was the last story in the rich and fascinating Staying Safe and Healthy series. We will be back next week with the next theme: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

We don’t want that “frequent” part to discourage anyone. Every question can qualify and every question matters — not just about travel but about the Gorilla Highlands region in general. Whatever you ever wanted to know about Rwanda, Uganda or the DRC is more than welcome.

The Daily Dose isn’t the only medium hungry for your questions. The SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA podcast (we plan to release the first episode this week) is also based on what you would like to know.

Email us, leave a comment, hit us up on social media … any channel is fair game!

And, of course, rest assured that your questions will lead to quality answers from our roster of experts that is beyond compare. Take advantage!