4 Healthy & Quick Snacks on the Way

Article from the series: Staying Safe and Healthy in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo

In Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, outside of major towns not much interesting commercial snacking is going on. From Kampala to Kabale, from Kigali to Rubavu, from Bukavu to Masisi there will be fantastic landscapes but not one McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s or Pizza Hut by the roadside …

The places you will find are likely to deep fry, reheat and do similar injustices to the fresh ingredients found across the Gorilla Highlands region. And if you check on the little shops lining up the motorways, you are in for a disappointment too: local snacks are kinda plain and dry. So what about taking the matters into your own hands, and bowls?!

When planning your trip, pack a knife and some simple dishes, as you may end up utilising them creatively. The rest is a matter of sharp eyes: you will see straight-from-the-soil fruits and vegetables being sold by farmers every few kilometres.

Please wash your hands thoroughly and use bottled water for washing anything that you will not put on the fire!

Chapati Sandwich

Chapatis can be bought anywhere, but we can make them much more interesting with these three additions:

Smoked sausages (common in Rwanda)

This all-in-one sandwich will be perfect when you are on the motorway!

Jackfruit Salad on Bread

Because our region is so rich in delicious greens and fruits, let’s mix some for our own salad!

You will need:

Capers (you will bring these tinned)

Take the fruit pods from the jackfruit and cut them lengthwise. Mix with mayonnaise, drained capers, chopped celery and chopped onions and toss it all gently. Add salt and pepper to taste and then stuff your mixture into your bread, producing a lovely sandwich.

Friendly advice: never drink Coke after eating jackfruit! It raises the gastric acid, and you really don’t want that …

Yellow Fruit Salad

Do you prefer fruits only? It will surely be healthy!

I recommend you mix fresh:

Gooseberries (ask for gaperi in Rwanda or entutu in southwestern Uganda or entununu in central Uganda)

… And don’t forget to buy some sugar cane — that is the secret of never facing dehydration!

Evening Treat

Are you ready to take this to the next level and do some outdoor cooking too? Have you brought an axe? … Just kidding. A couple of old branches will be enough. And lighting matches are available anywhere!

Grab some:

Green chilli

When your campfire is lit, bake the plantains, grill the mushrooms and then make guacamole with the rest of your ingredients!

Do you have no plates? Plantain leaves will help you to dress your food!

I hope you enjoy the meals… and the miles.

photos by Miha Logar and Alice Bartz