Not Many Nowheres

Article from the series: Staying Safe and Healthy in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo

61mm, f/8.0, 1/320s, ISO100

With this image we are opening the theme of Staying Safe and Healthy, following Regional Attractions that ended last week.

When people think of going deep into Africa, they sometimes have concerns about being “in the middle of nowhere” — but the truth is, there aren’t quite as many “nowheres” as one might think, and that’s certainly true for the Gorilla Highlands region. There are almost always people nearby, there are motorcycles everywhere — and, though it may take a while to get to a hospital, local health centers abound. You’ll find it easier (and cheaper) to get a prescription there than back home. I’ll be sharing a personal experience or two of that kind in the coming weeks.

Is this the middle of nowhere? In some ways I suppose it is — it’s certainly a beautiful place on the edge of Echuya Forest, far from any big towns — but it is also home to hundreds of families who farm this land. Though the photo itself won’t make any of my Top 100 lists, it’s got a nice pattern-and-colour-breaker in our hiker’s little bag. She’s holding a stick decorated by our friends from one of my previous photo moments, the Batwa “Pygmies” of Rwamahano.

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