The Four Beaches of Lake Nabugabo

Article from the series: Attractions of Rwanda, western Uganda and eastern DR Congo

It would plainly be wrong to skip Lake Nabugabo during our week of presenting off-the-beaten-track attractions of the Gorilla Highlands region! Sure, it’s just one of Uganda’s 165 lakes but its looks and its location make it somewhat stand out.

It’s small enough (5km/3.1mi across) that you can see the sand bar that separated it from Lake Victoria 5,000 years ago, and its sunrise views can be perfectly stunning. It’s ideally situated for a sleepover between mountain gorilla parks and the airport of Entebbe, lying 23km/14mi from the town of Masaka.

Most attractively, Lake Nabugabo’s waters are safe, shallow and therefore very family-friendly. One should come here to swim, and that’s why we will zero in on the beaches of Lake Nabugabo hotels.

Nabugabo Holiday Centre

Hands-down the top combination of sand and the forest! The circular cottages are relatively simple in their interior design but they are particularly close to the lake, guaranteeing the soothing soundtrack of the waves lapping the shore.

Nabugabo Sand Beach

As its name implies, this is the where sand rules. They have cute little houses on offer, but double-check if you want to come on a weekend — this often is the party place of Masaka.

Orchids Village

A very different beach experience, and the accommodation is the furthest from the shore. The good thing is that they have chosen to be a bit more upmarket, adding an option for clients who would find other Nabugabo facilities too basic.

Terrace View Beach

You don’t come here for the beach to be honest … Its location in between the Holiday Centre and the Sand Beach, a couple of walking minutes away from both, makes it a cool drink/meal stop, and that’s about it.

A stroll or a boat ride are in fact your only two non-swimming activity options at Nabugabo. It fundamentally is a site to relax!

photos by Miha Logar


  1. Nabugabo Holiday Centre holds many happy memories when our two children were young. A safe place to swim, a tiny strip of beach on which they played so happily for hours, a variety of birds and monkeys, paddling the dugout canoes… and then relaxing by campfires gazing at the stunning night sky… wonderful!

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