Lake Life

Article from the series: Attractions of Rwanda, western Uganda and eastern DR Congo

24mm, f/6,3, 1/320s, ISO125

The Gorilla Highlands region is a land of lakes, and no visit here is complete without a bit of canoeing. This was how I was first introduced to this part of Africa, way back in 2012, though this photo is from a few years later. The canoeing itself is fun (albeit a bit wobbly at first), but of course there is a lot more to it than that. This is about immersing yourself into life at the lakes. The best way to do this is to devote a few days canoe trekking — combining canoeing with trekking, in other words — and spending the nights at homestays on islands or along the “mainland” shore.

Being Swedish, I’ve grown up on or near lakes and have always been partial to them over the sea. For me, this part of the region is simply stupendous. I love it. I love swimming in fresh water. I love the peaceful nights and mornings. I love how it shapes and dominates the landscape — and people’s lives. And, on Lake Bunyonyi, I love watching canoes bringing children to school as the day begins. Not to mention the canoeing itself, which can be anything from totally relaxing to absolutely exhausting depending on if you turn it into a race or not!

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