Your August of Attractions

Article from the series: Attractions of Rwanda, western Uganda and eastern DR Congo

Ladies and gentlemen, members, the next chapter of our storytelling has begun.

As you could read in our six-month evaluation, for the rest of 2021 we will be exploring a “digital magazine” concept … and that comes with a monthly topic.

The August focus: Attractions.

Our experts will take you through everything worthy of your attention across the Gorilla Highlands. This is a breathtaking transboundary region that spans some hundreds of kilometres between the cities of Bukavu in Eastern Congo and Kampala in Central Uganda. It is jampacked with highlights, from natural to cultural, and the best among them will get some August love.

Mind you, not every article that we post daily may end up being about attractions. There will, nevertheless, be an obvious theme throughout the month.

Towards the end of August [UPDATE: on 9 September 2021], we will also organise a Live Q&A devoted to Congo’s Kahuzi-Biega National Park — doubtlessly one of our top attractions with its distinct Grauer’s gorillas, and the ultimate destination of the Gorilla Highlands Mega Trek in December-January.

photo by Marcus Westberg