Era of Regular In-Sights Begins

When the concept of Gorilla Highlands Experts was finalised almost a year ago, it was based on In-Sights. That was the name we chose for something creative and insightful to be built on an online course platform. We didn’t want it to feel like school, just use the format of “lessons” building upon each other.

In February we covered the first topic, Volunteering, to help our interns get mentally prepared. Then this daily blog and the budding community overwhelmed us for a while, but now we are back on track!

Introducing: the first segment of In-Sights: The Region, relying heavily on Google Earth … and my scribbles (see below — I feel it looks alright in motion). We hope you like the approach, because there are more videos of a similar kind in the works. Any feedback of yours in the comments will be of invaluable help on the way.

The publishing frequency will be higher than weekly and lower than daily, that is all we can say. For example, today we are a day late with the Daily Dose because of a looooooong power cut — it’s the way life in Uganda is, and we try to smile at life.

With that in mind, you better go see the first segment right now …


  1. Hi Miha, happy your power is back and thanks for this Insight! 🙂 Curious which videos will come next ?

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