Walk-In Theatre

24mm, 30s, f/4, ISO2500

Back in early 2016 we spent a night camping with our Batwa friends at the outskirts of Echuya forest. The highlight was undoubtedly the cinema experience we put on during the evening, sharing a video made by the Gorilla Highlands team about the region and what it had to offer, including footage from this very spot.

This was hard to photograph up close, as the bright “screen” would have meant that the rest of the image was pitch black. Therefore, I took a different approach, deciding that the atmosphere and setting were far more important than the details of the movie or the people in attendance. Not entirely satisfied with my first attempts, I went to my tent and switched on a headlamp. This way I achieved two things: a bit of balance in a part of the photo that would otherwise have lacked any detail, which I felt was important, but it now also became clear that we were camping at this spot, adding a bit to the story.

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