We Are In the Washington Post

We interrupt our regular programming because having an article about us published in the Washington Post is a big deal. It had taken many years to make something like this happen!

Henry Wismayer, the article author, has been to our region several times. He even met Marcus Westberg here, our photographer who would become his frequent travel companion as they prepared stories about different parts of the world.

But there was one story Henry couldn’t find a newspaper for — the one about the Gorilla Highlands Initiative … He believed it warranted exposure in a big medium but those editors were not interested enough. In short, if they had printed anything about gorillas in recent memory, they didn’t feel our area warranted an article.

It took the development of Gorilla Highlands Experts to finally capture the interest of decision makers. And so we ended up in one of the biggest dailies on Earth, with hundreds of thousands of readers in print (where we will appear on Sunday) and millions online (where you can already read the piece).

This is, without doubt, the biggest promotional achievement for our region thus far!


  1. An excellent article, Miha. Loved the reference to “ newly slim after a lockdown diet and sporting a graying musketeer’s beard,”. Seriously, the piece encapsulates what GH is all about. Hopefully, directs curious potential tourists and eager cultural travellers toward GHE. Well done.

  2. So glad to read about Gorilla Highland Experts in the Washington Post! Excited to learn more as the highlands have been at the top of my list for a while!!

  3. I read the WAPO article which is how I found your site. I’m fascinated by the east Africa region and have long wanted to visit and explore the region. I look forward to the weeklong virtual introduction and coming to your sanctuary one day soon.

  4. We are excited to see you join, and grateful for the Post’s decision to give us some space… It’s remarkable how difficult it has been to get publicity. I guess we are too niche?

  5. Great read! It really captures the whole initiative, your life Miha and more! Good job Henry and always a please to see Marcus pictures. This article will for sure make another push to put this wonderful region on more people´s itinaries and hopefully also encourages them to stay longer.

  6. I love this article as well. Promising about the GHE offer and so true about that guy Miha??

  7. An interesting and insightful story about how travel has had to adapt to the pandemic.

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