Preparing for a Week of Trekking in Uganda

Rob’s boys are prepping. At the end of May they will be doing the Ultimate Hike, the special combination of the Volcano Quest and Parks Reunited treks — the adventure that Covid stole from them a year ago.

If you wonder why they haven’t looked for a terrain that resembles our mountains better, well, they are from the Netherlands… All are 36 to 38 years old, they have been friends since primary school years. They have grown to work in industries as diverse as construction, house painting, osteopathic health care, catering, greenhouses, wine and coffee, they have married and gotten children — yet the bond remains. They travel together every year, tagging the families along, but their Gorilla Highlands expedition should be a grand beginning of something new: just the boys and cold beers, doing something a little bit crazy every other year!

Over the weekend they walked 20 kilometres on the cold flatlands of home. They intend to have another rigorous training session before they fly to Entebbe and bravely take on the green slopes of Uganda.

photo by Klaas van der Knaap


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