What About GH Mega Trek by Boat?

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 2021: The new GH Mega Trek time is May 2022. The details to follow.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Have you been excited about the Gorilla Highlands Mega Trek but doubting if this grand tour is something that can realistically work for you?

Allow us to present a new way of being part of the GH Mega Trek: the houseboat!

blue dots = boat cruise; red = the Congo Nile Trail

In short, if you don’t feel like hiking or cycling or going by car, there will be a luxurious boat going down Lake Kivu on 30-31/12/2021. It can take up to 20 people (or 30 if Covid regulations are relaxed by December) and it even comfortably sleeps 8 guests, if they are so inclined. The boat has a sun deck with lounge chairs from which you will be able to take in the beauty of the lakeshore and numerous islands. There will also be Chef Rama with you, serving delicious meals as you go.

On 30/12 we will do the roughly six hours of boating between Gisenyi (Rubavu) and Kibuye (Karongi). We will see plentiful traditional fishing boats and tour a couple of islands on the way — there will be opportunities for a swim, of course — and finally land in a pretty town that boasts Africa’s only museum of environment.

On 31/12 we will do the second half of the cruise, from Kibuye to Rusizi (Cyangugu) on the border with DR Congo. Space permitting, we may stop a couple of times to collect any tired hikers or cyclists from a couple of guesthouses or landing sites — we need to help everybody reach Rusizi before the year ends, as on 1/1 we are all entering Congo’s Bukavu! … The boat owners also promise sightings of swimming cows, if you are in the mooooood.

By the way, if you have read our first Mega Trek announcement you will see that a speedboat is planned between Bukavu and Goma (Gisenyi’s sister city). You are getting a chance to see the entirety of Lake Kivu, the whole loop, by boat!

photo by Iliza Expeditions


  1. Wooow, that’s cool and a great addition to the Mega Trek. I want to do everything by foot ? and you?

    1. Hi katarina good to know that you will walk the whole trail , well might do some part of this trail hiking but of course bikers will need me too ? but my colleague Siza will go with all the way from gisenyi down to Rusizi

    2. I think it would be really fun to do a combination of hiking, cycling and houseboating… Damn, I want to do EVERYTHING! ?

  2. You mean we can eat from one end of Lake Kivu to the other? How foolish of me to think I might walk or cycle when we have Chef Rama on board! ?

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