Our Focus: Build the Foundation

Dear GHE members,

We are pleased that we have registered almost 100 users so far, and are impressed and encouraged by the spectrum of backgrounds you represent. We believe this platform will eventually be huge and successfully inform, de-stress and entertain all kinds of people.

Nevertheless, as we leave the Early Bird phase behind we first need to focus on our most important target group: middle-aged people who have never been to our region, or to Africa in general.

During the next three months we will thus be talking almost exclusively to those who have little idea about what is on offer here, meeting the following three objectives of the Gorilla Highlands Initiative:

• establish the region as a destination by itself (instead of a short gorilla stop-over during an East African safari)
• expand the perception of the region beyond gorillas
• promote the region as an essential bucket list item

This orientation might bore some of you but please understand that we need to build a foundation first. These newbies will eventually visit, hopefully fall in love with this part of Africa, and then long for the same content that the more experienced among you might want right now.

In light of our new focus, we are prolonging everyone’s free Early Bird membership till 1 May 2021. In the meantime, you will see how interesting such content might be for you, and also benefit from new subscription solutions we may develop.

To get a clearer idea of how GHE will work from now, please visit the new homepage.

photo by Marcus Westberg