Edirisa Evenings

19mm, f/6.3, 1/5s, ISO400

I like simplicity in photographs, but sometimes simplicity can be found even in busy backgrounds. Here, the contrasting colors of the fire from the rest of the image immediately brings the viewer’s attention to it and the people sitting around it. This is perhaps my favourite image from Edirisa on Lake Bunyonyi, showing something of its location as well as of the companionship it has always provided. Photographing at dusk like this has its advantages: no shadows, softer light, a slight ethereal feel. Take it too early and the sky will be too bright. Wait too long, and too many details get lost in the darkness. Since Musanze is now the centre of the Gorilla Highlands I haven’t been back to Lake Bunyonyi for a few years — and this photo always makes me miss it.

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  1. I can spot myself in the picture! And I remember as yesterday when you took it 🙂 so pieceful and calm. The only sounds where leaves, somes birds and the fire. Thanks for bringing up the memory 🙂

    1. You might well be the only African woman who got an electric heater from Europe to survive Africa. ?

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