You Are NOT Allowed to Miss This

Aaaaaaaaand here we go: the first and the best monthly online Picnic is happening in Musanze this weekend!

Time: Saturday, 27 February 2021, 4-6pm Rwandan time which is:

6-8am in San Francisco
8-10am in Dallas
9-11am in New York
2-4pm in London
3-5pm in Vienna
5-7pm in Kampala

Location: Virunga Valley Academy (VVA), Musanze — and your Zoom screens

Hosts: Matt Miller (VVA cofounder) and Miha Logar (you know that guy by now)

Expert in-person guests:
Ramadhan Sindayigaya — one of the best chefs of Africa
Emma Harerimana — your favourite ranger blogger
Patrick Devuys — Rwanda’s one and only chocolatier

Expert digital guest:
Joe Kahiri — Afrofusion musician

Invited: all GHE members and their families!

How to get ready:
– prepare a picnic blanket/mat, your favourite drink and a snack
– wear something green
– look for an object that reminds you of our region
– think of a question (or two or three) for our experts

How to imagine the whole thing:

A beautifully arranged picnic area with Chef Rama cooking something special, talking about how he makes it (we doubt we will have enough data to send you the final meal, that’s why we are proposing you get something ready yourselves). Matt and Miha are informally talking with each other and with other expert guests. The first hour is devoted to us in Musanze chatting about all kinds of things, the second hour is all yours — the Q&A with full stomachs and experienced brains. We don’t know at what exact time we will end, but surely before 6pm when it’s starting to get dark. We, however, know that you should try to be with us right from the start, as the most interesting things are going to be happening in the beginning.

You are NOT allowed to miss this but we will have a recording too. ?

I can’t wait to have you all with us!!!

photo by Miha Logar


  1. Woo hoo. Exciting!
    Hope to be with you virtually. We will be staying in Semliki Wildlife Reserve this Saturday so let’s see what the internet is like!

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