Weekly Companion — Let It Be Then ?

This video has been uploaded to YouTube because countless night attempts using our private solution (Vimeo) haven’t worked out…

But, on the other hand, this is also OK. Let’s have it on YouTube and publicly available then. It may not be an ideal representation of a video promoting GHE to the general audience (this version feels kinda internal as it was made with our members in mind) — but maybe it will be successful as a teaser?

The first edition has three segments (team introduction, Covid travel news and the highlight of our digital production) and we have many others in mind. The name (Weekly Companion) was meant as a placeholder not the ultimate solution.

Enjoy, comment — and maybe share it with friends? Me, I am going to sleep…


  1. Iam in love with the content and the video it’s self and I says it all well done mr Miha and the team

  2. Looks great! I enjoyed watching it. I think the content works very well for internal or external audience. Good start!

  3. Great start! I also like it called weekly companion and it was very well balanced between the three mentioned segments. Well done!! ? Also for sure fits on youtube and the outside world, especially with the covid travel update, interesting to many people I guess. What could be improved is the sound on certain sections, for example Brenda at the lake at the laundry station was hard to hear and also the ladies from Uganda and Kongo were hard to understand. I suggest to reduce the backround music at those parts. Can’t wait to see the next one 🙂

    1. When Miha finds some extra time, he might add subtitles… It’s local pronunciation more than music, I would guess, and each of us is comfortable with different Englishes, so everything will be subtitled. I know it will make @Oruhindu happy.

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