What Do You Think About First In-Sights?

In-Sights (our unique take on online courses) are part and parcel of the Gorilla Highlands Experts concept. Last week we published the first lesson of “Volunteering” and we will add more soon. It would help us big time if you told us what you think about the already posted 5 clips…

Each topic within the first lesson currently comes with video only. We can add text, downloads, quizzes and similar enrichments to the video side of it — any proposals welcome.

Once we come up with the final format, we shall be making In-Sights from many fields: how to prepare for mountain gorilla tracking, what to pack to visit our region, how to take great photos … or go deep into natural science or historical matters.

To comment on “Volunteering”, please go to the course page and use the “Responses” box under the course/lesson/topics.

To comment on our other ideas for In-Sights, please visit the Building Together Forum. You can even start a new discussion altogether; this platform belongs to us all!