Volcanoes That Connect Us

Today’s Daily Dose is simple yet profound… Those volcanoes, one of them still very much alive, both separate and connect the Gorilla Highlands region. The photo was taken by Marcus Westberg from Lake Mutanda on the Ugandan side — Rwanda and DR Congo are on the horizon.

We are putting this little story on from somewhere behind the first two peaks, Muhabura (“the guide”, 4,127 m/13,540 ft) and Gahinga (“pile of stones”, 3,474 m/11,398 ft).


  1. When are we climbing those peaks @Rwebandira?
    I need to understand whether I can travel to Rwanda by road over the coming months. Or how about you climb a volcano from the Rwanda side and I climb from Uganda? Meet you ‘in the middle’?

    1. Heeeeee, my darling, you are kinda late… I only have 2 left, and one of them is not accessible anyways. Ready to meet me in Congo and we do Mikeno? ?

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