Covid-19 Travel Update for Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

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14 October 2021:


To enter any of the three countries you will need to have a negative PCR test done within 72 hours of your original flight’s departure. The same applies when flying out.


All non-vaccinated visitors to Uganda are supposed to be subjected to self-paid Covid testing when they arrive. The results are known within some hours, so no quarantine is required. [The situation is in a flux.]

PCR testing costs USD 65 but is expected to go down to USD 30. To be tested before your exit from Uganda, solution providers can visit you at your hotel or national park lodge and pricing depends on the provider (USD 50-100).

Transport, both private and public, is allowed but social distancing needs to be observed. That means 50% capacity for shared vehicles and the maximum of 3 people in private vehicles.

A temperature check is performed before entering national parks and masks are mandatory inside.

The national curfew begins at 7pm and ends at 5:30am. Bars are closed.


Land borders are closed. Visitors flying in are subjected to self-paid Covid testing (USD 60) on arrival, followed by a self-paid quarantine in designated hotels that can last over 24 hours (children under 5 years are exempt). If you are fully vaccinated, you will not need to quarantine.

Transport, both private and public, is allowed but social distancing needs to be observed (75% capacity for shared vehicles).

Rapid tests (USD 5) are required to stay in hotels, but that does not apply to children under 12.

A negative rapid test taken within 72 hours is needed to visit Akagera National Park. For other parks a PCR test is a must.

There are several national park discounts in place till the end of 2022.

The national curfew begins at 12am and ends at 4am. Bars are gradually reopening after a long pause and restaurants operate at 30%-50% capacity.

Face masks are obligatory everywhere.

Next update expected: 14 November 2021


In national parks they will measure your temperature, expect a face mask to be worn throughout and disinfect your shoes.

A PCR test costs USD 30 in Bukavu or USD 40 in Goma/Kinshasa.