In-Sights: Volunteering

While the subject of this In-Sight is how to get the best out of your volunteering, it goes deep into cultural questions and could be interesting to a broader audience …
Miha · 30 January 2021

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Miha “Rwebandira” Logar is an adventure/cultural tourism expert, podcaster and lecturer. A Gorilla Highlands co-founder, he is a Ugandan/Slovenian national who resides in Musanze (Rwanda).

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  1. Wow I am really impressed by the handling of the site (using my phone). Everything is very clear and easy accessable. I clicked on an item later in the course and it told me to watch the previous clip first. What makes sense for some courses for sure, but maybe for this one it should be possible to watch whatever section the user is interested in and allow him to jump around?

    1. Yeah, an impressive platform. The course indeed gives the maker an option of allowing users to do topics randomly or not.

  2. It looks nice, organized and simple to use.
    I don’t particularly like the word “lesson”, because you can hardly call a short video a lesson, more of a… well, an insight. 🙂 In addition, some suggestions:
    – In the introduction, write down the “lessons” and topics that this course covers.
    – Add text description (overview) for each video. Could be just 1 or 2 sentences.
    – If you have some extra resources for people who are more interested. E.g. links to other pages, other videos, information – this will be nice, too.
    – Suggestion (trigger for more): “if you liked this course, you may also like ….” (and link to other courses)

    1. Oh yes, these won’t be called lessons/topics in the long run. But changing terminology will take a while so I haven’t bothered yet. Absolutely, the text will be added as you propose — but do you maybe have any ideas for specific supplementary material that could be added? The “trigger” part should come automatically by the software once we have more In-Sights.

      1. About ideas for specific supplementary material: what I meant is make it easy for anyone who watches it to click on a wikipedia page or some other link and research a bit more (if one wants to). For example, in the cultural exchange episode, you showcase a group of musicians. What kind of music they play? What is the instrument featured? Do they play this for special occasion?… Something like this.
        This first “course” is more of an introduction. But probably afterwards you will dig in to some specific topics and they it will be easier to point out and see what extra information you can provide.