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ACTION:GORILLAS is a non-profit project by Gorilla Highlands Experts aimed at bringing the world up-close and personal with Mountain Gorillas and Grauer’s Gorillas. We envisage a future where humans feel intimately connected with these endangered creatures who only reside in a spectacular region shared by Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo — the Gorilla Highlands.

In February 2022 we started a pilot project in Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park sponsored by Gorilla Inu, a social currency for global communities. We equipped Moses Turinawe with a top-notch phone and training that shall lead to high quality video footage and photographs. Assisting him in his role of the park’s tourism warden, the pilot project will assure regular capture of special gorilla moments that now just go by, lost in time.

The planned next step is to supply park rangers and gorilla trackers (local people who daily keep an eye on gorilla groups) in the three countries with appropriate gear and skills. The footage collected is to become available to the world to learn about actual lives of gorillas. Regular updates on the progress of the pilot will be part of the weekly SEE AFRICA BREATHE AFRICA podcast.