What is Gorilla Highlands Experts, and How to Join?

Gorilla Highlands Experts is a responsible travel membership service consisting of unique online resources and events.

It helps you fully enjoy the Gorilla Highlands region shared by Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo, enhanced by over 20 experts with ample experience from the region. It invites you to support the work of people in three countries whose livelihood has been taken away by the Covid-19 crisis. Click here for an in-depth and personal explanation.

If you have already registered for a free trial, you can become a member of our community by making a donation according to your pocket. The membership tier will be stated on the certificate you receive by email, but otherwise there is no difference in your benefits. For the rest of 2021, every member gets access to:

• monthly digital magazine based on the Daily Dose
• monthly Live Q&As with our experts (Online Picnics depend on Covid realities)
• video-based expert In-Sights that introduce the region
• travel and other advice in specialised online member groups
• invitation to the end-of-the-year member-only trip, the Gorilla Highlands Mega Trek

Each of the four buttons below will take you to a secure environment to make a one-time 2021 donation with your Mastercard, Visa or Amex card. After your click it may take a second before a payment box opens over the screen. In case you are facing difficulties with your transaction getting approved, that is probably your bank being overprotective — they may need to be told that nothing is suspicious about you sending money to Africa. If you are a national of one of the region’s countries, see our special rates and Mobile Money options.

Featured in the Washington Post, Gorilla Highlands Experts is produced from Musanze, Rwanda and is part of the Gorilla Highlands Initiative. See the 6-minute video above for some background.

photo by Marcus Westberg